ISOtunes FREE Industrial User Manual



How do I re-pair my ISOtunes FREE Industrial with my device?

1. Please "Forget" the FREE from your phone (or any device you are trying to connect to)

2. Go through the pairing reset process again: from the off state on both earbuds press and hold the buttons for 10 seconds, you should get a triple ding and a rapid blue light on both earbuds that indicates re-pairing. 

3. Hold the left and right earbuds close to each other (make sure they are touching). They should sync and enter pairing mode, which is indicated by red and blue flashing lights on one earbud only.

4. Your headphones should be ready to pair to any device!


How do I clean the eartips?

Clean your ISOtunes Short TRILOGY tips by gently wiping them with a clean, damp cloth. Use water only. Do not clean tips with alcohol-based cleaning solutions. Let tips dry completely before next use.


Where can I buy replacement eartips?

ISOtunes FREE Industrial utilizes ISOtunes Short TRILOGY foam eartips, which can be purchased from us directly here. Please note there are different sizes and colors to choose from. Rubber triple flange eartips can be purchased from us here


I think my product is defective. What should I do?

Please see our return policy,  or contact us for further information.