Hearing protection workers want to wear.
And so will you. 

ISOtunes introduces low-volume output models specifically designed for industry.

Limited at 79 dB volume, ISOtunes Industrial models provide OSHA & NIOSH compliant hearing protection with Bluetooth technology.

ISOtunes Industrial

Limited to 79 dB Volume Output

ISOtunes PRO 2.0

27dB of noise reduction, 16+ hours of battery, IP67 durability. Available with 79 dB volume limit.

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ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Listen Only

 27dB of noise reduction, 16+ hours of battery, IP67 durability. Available with 79 dB volume limit and excludes microphone capabilities.

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 True Wireless for Industry. 22dB of noise reduction, 21+ hours of battery with case, IP45 durability. Volume limited to 79 dB.

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ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Features

Easy Listening with Hardcore Protection. 

PRO 2.0 includes 4 sizes of TRILOGY foam eartips and 1 pair of silicone triple flange eartips for hearing protection up to 27 dB. OSHA Approved. 

As Close as You Can Get. 

PRO 2.0 is completely sweat, water, and dust proof with IP67 Rating. Also features an chrome-plated brass earstem for protection from drops. 

Take Calls in Peace.
Or Don't. 

A noise cancelling mic is built into PRO 2.0's controller. PRO 2.0 controller is designed with large, pronounced button for easy use, even with gloves. Microphone is not available in PRO 2.0 Listen Only for distraction free listening. 

2 Days of Listening.
A Lifetime of Protection.

PRO 2.0 is equipped with an improved 16 hour battery life. 

Rethink Your Team's Hearing Protection

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Rethink Your Team's Hearing Protection 

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