Meet the XTRA Product Family

Meet the XTRA Product Family

ISOtunes is the global industry leader in certified hearing protection with Bluetooth connectivity. While all ISOtunes products provide OSHA-compliant protection with superior audio and communication technology, not all product features are alike. Depending on your environment, hobbies, and personal preferences, some ISOtunes products may suit your needs better than others. 

To help you find your fit, we've released a blog series that dives into the unique features of each product family. Keep scrolling to see if the XTRA Product Family is right for you!

ISOtunes XTRA Product Family

ISOtunes XTRA earplugs are great for those who take their hearing protection off frequently and who hate misplacing their earbuds. With magnetic earbuds that keep your headphones in place, XTRA is best for those who prefer convenience and flexibility.

Key Features / Differentiators:
  • Multi-functional magnetic earbuds
  • Secure and contoured neckband 
  • High durability 
You may like ISOtunes XTRA products if…
  • You often take your hearing protection on and off throughout the day.
  • You tend to misplace your hearing protection and could benefit from magnetic eartips that keep your headphones in place.
  • You aren’t worried about the magnetic ear tips getting caught on your surroundings.
  • You work in a tough environment where it’s likely your hearing protection will get dirty or wet.


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