Did you know that one-third of noise-exposed workers report not wearing hearing protection? Here at ISOtunes, we design and manufacture hearing protection that workers actually want to wear. We offer a wide range of styles and capabilities that keep workers safe and satisfied.

ISOtunes products are proven to enhance workplace productivity while increasing OSHA compliance and employee satisfaction.

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Hearing Protection with Communication

Workers need to clearly communicate in loud environments; hearing protection shouldn’t make that even harder. Our electronic hearing protection selection makes sure that workers can hear each other and communicate effectively without damaging their ears.

Bluetooth Safety Earplugs & Earmuffs

Workers who listen to music on the job are 90% more likely to report an improvement in job satisfaction and productivity. That’s nothing to scoff at. ISOtunes earplug headphones and Bluetooth earmuffs protect workers from damaging noise while letting them safely listen to music and podcasts. ISOtunes products with noise-cancelling microphones let employees take work calls without having to remove their PPE.

Active Hearing Protection

In variably loud environments, cracking down on safety compliance is difficult. Workers want to be able to hear what’s going on around them without putting their ears at risk. With ouractive hearing protection line, workers are able to listen to the world freely and enjoy level- dependent protection from dangerous noise.

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