Tactical Sound Control™ Technology

Our proprietary technology lets you listen to music and communicate with those around you, while still protecting you from harmful gunshot noises.

Enhance Your Hearing. Enhance Your Performance.

TSC™ gives you a competitive advantage by amplifying environmental sounds and by suppressing dangerously loud noise. Now you can easily hear the quiet snapping of twigs from passing game and still keep up with the conversations at the range while shooting rounds.

Never Compromise.

Tactical Sound Control™ uses omni-directional microphones to pick up sounds you need to hear, like range commands or instructions. When outside noises breach 85 dB, TSC responds by relaying the sound at 85 dB or cutting out the sound completely.TSC uses digital circuitry to react within milliseconds. You react with confidence and peace of mind.

Attenuate gunfire


Protection when you need it.

Regardless of your preferred environmental volume level, you’re always protected. TSC™ senses harmful gunshot noises in under 2ms, and reduces them back to a safe listening level.