ISOtunes Sport

Hearing Protection for Gun Noise

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ISOtunes Sport

Electronic earmuffs and earplugs designed to enhance the safety and freedom of firearm enthusiasts.

Hear The Difference

TSC™ gives you a competitive advantage by amplifying environmental sounds up to 8x their natural volume. Now you can easily hear the quiet snapping of twigs by a passing deer or the mechanical pre-launch sounds of a target pigeon thrower.

ISOtunes Sport

Standard Hearing Protectors

Hearing Protection You'll Actually Want to Wear.

Jay Carillo


The freedom you need to perform at the highest level

Tactical Sound Control™ Technology

Our proprietary Tactical Sound Control™ Technology lets you listen to music and communicate with those around you, while still protecting you from harmful gunshot noises.

Our Brand Ambassadors

ISOtunes Sport products are industry-tested and professional-approved! Get to know our network of bad-ass professionals and see why they trust ISOtunes Sport to protect their hearing in the toughest environments.

I absolutely LOVED the ADVANCE. Listening to music helped me to focus on my shots and they literally blocked out the other noise so I could concentrate.


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