April Wilkerson

April Wilkerson



April Wilkerson

Meet April

ISOtunes User Since: January 2017

Industry: Woodworking

Home: Texas, USA

They're the best in the market and I love the people within the company.

April Wilkerson - Wilker Do's


Which ISOtunes model is your current favorite & why?

The PROs - the volume gets the loudest because they're in the ear and I can hear my music over all of my power tools.

What do you typically listen to on your ISOtunes?


Why are you an ISOtunes' brand ambassador?

They're the best in the market and I love the people within the company.

What inspired you to get into your chosen industry?

I like building shit!

What is the most challenging part of your line of work?

The rushed timeline to get everything done.

How did you become a content creator?

Organically, I just wanted to share information.

How do you stay motivated in times of chaos & stress?

At the root of it, it always comes back to the fact that I have a true passion for this and sometimes I just have to sink my teeth into it.

What is something you are most proud of?

Growing a business from scratch before this path really existed or was saturated with creators.

Words to live by?

Anybody, anywhere, can do anything. Or busy - not rushed.

Fun fact about you.

I can juggle really well....and I can juggle just about anything.

Which project has been the most challenging for you?

Building my personal shop.

What are future goals as your career grows?

Set up passive streams of revenue.

How would you describe your perfect day?

Not having an alarm set, casually drinking two cups of coffee without being rushed, and spending the rest of the day being active.

When do you feel most at home?

Whenever I'm laying around with all five of my animals there.

Favorite part of your daily routine.

Drinking coffee

Three words that describe you.

Energetic, driven, headstrong


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