Brad Rodriguez - Fix This Build That

Brad Rodriguez

Brad Rodriguez - Fix This Build That

Meet Brad

ISOtunes User Since: May 2017

Industry: Woodworking

Home: Tennessee, USA

ISOtunes has the best selection of any brand out there to give you exactly what you want for the situation, and the team is awesome...

Brad Rodriguez - Fix This Build That


Which ISOtunes model is your current favorite & why?

Xtra 2.0 because I love the battery life and heavy duty band.

What do you typically listen to on your ISOtunes?

If I want to bust out a lot of work I'll put on some upbeat tunes, but if I'm cutting the grass I love a good audio book.

Why are you an ISOtunes' brand ambassador?

ISOtunes has the best selection of any brand out there to give you exactly what you want for the situation, and the team is awesome. They've taken my input on new product launches and integrated them into the final version. And I know they stand behind their products so my audience is going to have a good experience if they buy them.

What inspired you to get into your chosen industry?

I started doing DIY and woodworking projects out of necessity. I bought a 100 year old house and had to fixe EVERYTHING. The more I built, the more I loved it. So when I found a way to quit corporate America and go full time into woodworking and DIY content creation it was a dream job come true.

What is the most challenging part of your line of work?

The most challenging part of a being a content creator is staying relevant and up with all the platforms and changes. There's always some new social media site or changes to the legacy ones. If you don't stay up to date and in tune with the audience it's easy to get left behind.

How did you become a content creator?

I started sharing my woodworking on Instagram in 2013 after moving back to Nashville. It was just a way to connect with other woodworkers since I'd left all my woodworking buddies in Cincinnati. People liked what I was sharing and I started growing a small audience, so I just went all in on trying to grow it. I guess it worked out because 4 years later I was able to go full time and quit my day job!

How do you stay motivated in times of chaos & stress?

I try to just take one bite of the elephant at a time. Instead of thinking about the huge job that needs to get done I'll focus on the next task at hand.

What is something you are most proud of?

I'm most proud of being able to launch my own business which my wife and I both work for. I get to spend all day with her and see my kids about 10x more than I did with my day job. It's been a win all around.

Words to live by?

Own your own future. Don't let others define your outcome. If you don't like something, take action and change it instead of complaining about it.

Fun fact about you.

I used to make side money buying and selling used Total Gyms (the Chuck Norris ones) off Craigslist.

Which project has been the most challenging for you?

My nightstand with the hidden drawer was the most challenging. Making the hidden button and the locking mechanism was a challenge.

What are future goals as your career grows?

We want to grow our team and make the best content we can for our audience.

How would you describe your perfect day?

Anywhere hanging out with my family outside....and a cold Diet Mountain Dew.

When do you feel most at home?

Family movie and pizza night every Friday with my wife and kids.

Favorite part of your daily routine.

Checking off to do list items

Three words that describe you.

Driven, loyal, fun-loving


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