ISOtunes for Hunting and Shooting

Hearing Protection without Compromise

Are you a firearms enthusiast? Whether you’re a professional, sport shooter, or game hunter, proper hearing protection is necessary for anyone being exposed to gunshot noise.

ISOtunes Sport Hearing Protection for Hunting and Shooting Guns

ISOtunes was created specifically for professionals who needed enhanced hearing protection that didn’t compromise their safety. Since its inception, ISOtunes has become an award-winning leader in hearing protection, serving workers around the globe. As woodworkers, lawn care professionals, and industrial workers enjoyed the benefits of Bluetooth enabled earplugs and earmuffs, we noticed hunters and shooters continued to be underserved by their hearing protection.

For too long, firearm enthusiasts have had to choose between losing their hearing, or wearing hearing protection that was limiting, uncomfortable, and old fashioned. So in 2021, ISOtunes launched ISOtunes Sport: hearing protectors that bring 21st century technology and comfort to tactical earmuffs and earplugs. ISOtunes Sport offers the award-winning, certified protection ISOtunes customers know and love, with a durable design and added technology modern shooters need. All ISOtunes Sport hearing protectors come with Tactical Sound Control™, proprietary technology designed to amplify environmental sounds while also protecting you from high-impact noises like gunshots and blasts. 

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