CARMEL, Ind. (May 10, 2021) ISOtunes, a global industry leader in Bluetooth hearing protection, announces the launch of a new product line featuring level-dependent Aware Technology. The technology gives users complete situational awareness and protection at the same time. Available in an in-ear model (PRO Aware) and over-ear model (LINK Aware), users will no longer have to block the sounds they want to hear to protect themselves from harmful noises.

ISOtunes PRO and LINK Aware combine level-dependent Aware Technology with the product features ISOtunes customers know and love, including high durability, battery life, and sound quality. Aware products use Omni-directional microphones that allow users to safely listen to the world around them - such as their colleagues, warning signals and more - while also blocking out harmful levels of sound.

Each model features high-fidelity speakers that enhance the natural sounds around you and custom-engineered digital signal processing for precise impulse filtration that reduces harmful sounds in less than 2 milliseconds. In short, Aware Technology is perfect for workers who need to hear their colleagues or equipment, but still need protection from loud impulse noises like nail guns, hammers, and more.

“At its core, ISOtunes is about innovation. This is the first time this combination of technologies has been integrated into hearing protection products,” said Eric Murphy, co-founder of ISOtunes. “Our hearing protection solutions must continue to exceed expectations when it comes to keeping users protected and connected, and we believe LINK Aware and PRO Aware rise to those expectations.” 

ISOtunes LINK Aware ($139.99 MSRP)

ISOtunes LINK Aware is an earmuff style that is perfect for the worker who prefers over-ear hearing protection but refuses to compromise their listening experience. Lightweight and comfortable with up to 14 hours of battery life, LINK Aware safely reduces damaging noise by 25 dB. Water and sweat-resistant, LINK Aware features a noise-isolating microphone that also blocks out steady-state noise for clearer calls in loud environments.

ISOtunes PRO Aware ($139.99 MSRP) 

ISOtunes PRO Aware is an in-ear option that allows for continuous connection to your Bluetooth-enabled devices and all-day protection with up to 10 hours of battery life. With an NRR of 26 dB, PRO Aware is water, dust and sweat resistant and comes with four pairs of ISOtunes’ trademarked TRILOGY™ foam ear tips. PRO Aware also features new magnets that help the band stay around your neck, posing no hazard and still being able to break away. 

Both ISOtunes LINK Aware and PRO Aware will be available for online purchase on May 11, 2021. To see all ISOtunes products, visit or Amazon



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