Jason Hibbs - Bourbon Moth

Jason Hibbs



Jason Hibbs - Bourbon Moth

Meet Jason

ISOtunes User Since: August 2018

Industry: Woodworking

Home: Oregon, USA

ISOtunes are the best and most comfortable option I’ve found. I love them.

Jason Hibbs - Bourbon Moth


Which ISOtunes model is your current favorite & why?

The classic FREE

What do you typically listen to on your ISOtunes?

Music or audio books. Sometimes sounds of the rainforest.

Why are you an ISOtunes' brand ambassador?

ISOtunes are the best and most comfortable option I’ve found. I love them.

What inspired you to get into your chosen industry?

I needed furniture for my house.

What is the most challenging part of your line of work?

Keeping glue off my pants.

How did you become a content creator?

It happened completely by accident. I was just posting pictures to try and get more furniture clients and other people started following.

How do you stay motivated in times of chaos & stress?

Focus on and complete one thing at a time.

What is something you are most proud of?

My 1973 three wheeled Harley Davidson…….golf cart.

Words to live by?

Always say yes, figure out how later.

Fun fact about you.

I’ve ridden my bike across the United States 3 times.

Which project has been the most challenging for you?

Building my 16 foot drift boat.

What are future goals as your career grows?

I want to win a Grammy for woodworking related songs.

How would you describe your perfect day?

70 degrees, be it’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.

When do you feel most at home?

Usually when I’m at my house. But sometimes when I’m at Chick-fil-A.

Favorite part of your daily routine.

Coffee, always coffee.

Three words that describe you.

I don’t follow directions that well


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