ISOtunes Boom Microphone for Enhanced Communication
ISOtunes Boom Microphone on LINK 2 Hearing Protection Muffs
ISOtunes Boom Microphone on LINK Aware Electronic Hearing Protection

Boom Microphone

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ISOtunes Boom Microphone* is a noise-reducing microphone attachment for clearer calls in loud environments. Compatible with ISOtunes LINK 2.0 or LINK Aware [IT-34B]**, the adjustable boom allows for a custom fit and comes with a replacement windscreen.

*Only compatible with LINK 2.0 and LINK Aware version IT-34B. Add the Boom Mic and LINK 2.0 or LINK Aware IT-34B to your cart for $10 off your total purchase with code BUNDLE10.

**IT-34B has green on the headband and has a boom mic port under the right ear cup


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