ISOtunes LINK Aware Electronic Hearing Protection Earmuffs
ISOtunes LINK Aware Bluetooth Earmuffs for Hearing Protection
ISOtunes LINK Aware All-Purpose Hearing Protection with Hearing Enhancement and Bluetooth
ISOtunes LINK Aware Earmuffs with Passive Hearing Protection and Electronic Amplification and Noise Suppression
ISOtunes LINK Aware Electronic Hearing Protection Headphones Features Highlights
ISOtunes LINK Aware Electronic Headphones What's Inside
ISOtunes LINK Aware Electronic Earmuffs with Boom Microphone
ISOtunes LINK Aware Hearing Enhancement Bluetooth Headphones

LINK Aware

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Hearing Meets protection

Featuring level-dependent Aware Technology™, ISOtunes LINK Aware is an over-ear hearing protector built to be worn all day long. Communicate with colleagues and listen for warning signals all while enjoying nonstop certified protection.

  • Aware Technology™ amplifies environmental sound for awareness and limits harmful noise
  • Certified hearing protection blocks 25 dB
  • Rechargeable battery up to 23 hours or AAA compatible
  • Durable IPX4 water resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Noise isolating microphone, boom mic compatible (sold separately)
  • SafeMax Technology™ limits volume output to 85 dB
  • Adjustable headband fits most (S-L)
  • LINK Aware comes with a USB-C charging cable

Meet LINK Aware

A hearing protection device that allows user to accept phone calls or stream music from Bluetooth paired devices. Level dependent functionality helps protect the wearer against sudden loud impulse noise and aid situation awareness.

ISOtunes LINK Aware Electronic Earmuff for Loud Environments
ISOtunes LINK Aware Hearing Protection Headphones Features1234

Product Features

  • Raised buttons enable easy control of the Bluetooth volume and the Aware Technology™ volume so you can maintain complete situational awareness
  • Adjustable headband with comfort foam insert designed for head sizes Small to Large
  • 23 hours of rechargeable battery life, plus AAA battery compatibility for an additional 46 hours of connection (not included)
  • Built-in microphone and boom mic compatible (sold separately) for clear communication in loud environments

Stay Protected, Connected, and Aware

ISOtunes LINK Aware Ultimate Comfort Hearing Protection Headphones

Ultimate Comfort

LINK Aware proves that earmuffs don’t have to be uncomfortable. Vented headband with comfort foam insert and memory foam ear cushions are designed for comfortable all-day use.

ISOtunes Electronic Ear Pro LINK Aware with Situational Awareness

Aware Technology

Aware Technology is quick-acting. There are only 2 milliseconds between you and high-level protection. Wearing LINK Aware, you can continue to interact with your environment and still protect you from noise that could damage your hearing. LINK Aware ensures your safety but enables you to hear warning signals, approaching vehicles, and colleagues.

ISOtunes LINK Aware Hearing Protection with Electronic Amplification and Noise Suppression

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