ISOtunes LINK and DEFY Foam Ear Cushion Replacements
ISOtunes Replacement Foam Ear Cushions for LINK and DEFY
ISOtunes Replacement Foam Ear Cushion for LINK Aware

LINK/DEFY Foam Ear Cushions

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ISOtunes TRILOGY™ Foam LINK Replacement Ear Cushions offer a trifecta of benefits for optimal hearing protection: superior comfort, noise isolation, and sound quality. Packaging includes replacement ear cushions and hygiene kit.

LINK Replacement Ear Cushions fit the ISOtunes LINK 1.0, LINK 2.0, and LINK Aware. It's also compatible with ISOtunes Sport DEFY BT. For regular users, we recommend replacing ear cushions, fabric lining, and foam inserts every 3-9 months depending on the frequency of use.