ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware Electronic Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth
ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware Hearing Protection Bluetooth and Electronic Earbuds
ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware All-Purpose Electronic Hearing Protection Wireless Earbuds
ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware Earbuds with Passive Hearing Protection and Electronic Amplification and Noise Suppression
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ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware Bluetooth and Electronic Wireless Earbuds
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SKU # IT-75

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Hearing Meets protection

The world's first Bluetooth-enabled in-ear hearing protector with a detachable boom microphone for clear calls in loud environments. With level-dependent Aware Technology™, workers can communicate face-to-face and hear other environmental sounds without the fear of hearing damage.

*Aware mode will turn off while the boom mic is plugged in

**IP56 rating when boom mic is attached

  • Aware Technology™ amplifies environmental sound for awareness and cuts harmful noise*
  • Certified hearing protection blocks 24 dB
  • Battery up to 8 hours (Bluetooth) - 10 hours (Aware) plus three full charges in the case
  • Ultra-durable IP67 dust and waterproof**
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Noise isolating microphone, boom mic compatible
  • SafeMax Technology™ limits volume output to 85 dB
  • ULTRACOMM Aware comes with a variety pack of foam and silicone eartips, detachable boom mic, detachable earhooks, USB-C charging cable, and a charging case


Designed for professionals who work in loud environments and need hearing protection that maintains situational awareness. With level-dependent technology and a detachable boom mic for crystal clear phone calls, ULTRACOMM Aware is guaranteed to keep you connected to those near and far without ever having to remove your earbuds.

ISOtunes Hearing Protection ULTRACOMM Aware for Professionals in Loud Environments

Product Features

Made for professionals who need an OSHA compliant hearing protector that enables clear communication and maintains situational awareness.

  • Aware Technology™ offers complete situational awareness and certified protection from harmful noises
  • Boom mic is configurable to either earbud for crystal clear communication with any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life with 24 additional hours in the durable charging case
  • Removable comfort-fit earhooks for added stability
ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware Hearing Protection and Clear Communication

Communicate clearly

The detachable boom mic is configurable to both earbuds for crystal-clear communication in loud environments.

ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware Electronic Earbuds with Aware Technology

Aware Technology

Aware Technology is quick-acting. There are only 2 milliseconds between you and high-level protection.ULTRACOMM Aware protects you from loud impacts and sustained scenarios by clamping sound completely.

ISOtunes Hearing Protection Aware Technology Enabled ULTRACOMM Aware Earbuds

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