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 Tractors. They’re loud, right? Darn right. So are chain saws, saw mills, harvesters, mowers, and just about everything else that has an engine. And if you’re still using basic earplugs or earmuffs, it might be time for a 21st century hearing protection upgrade. Enter ISOtunes®.

ISOtunes® are certified hearing protectors that allow you to stay connected to your phone for taking calls and streaming music. Now you can significantly reduce environmental noise and make those long days a little more enjoyable.

Each ISOtunes® product includes our signature background noise cancelling mic that eliminates steady-state noises like engines and mowers so you can take calls while keeping your equipment running. How’s that for increasing productivity on the job?

ISOtunes® products are also much smaller than their earmuff alternatives. Weighing merely grams and fitting into any pockets, ISOtunes® products can be brought anywhere and used comfortably anytime... even when it's 100+ degrees outside.

Common Farm & Outdoor Noise Exposure

Farm and Outdoor Noise Exposure

Note: when using ISOtunes® products, please be sure to take the proper safety precautions. 

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See how the ISOtunes® background noise cancelling microphone works on a tractor:

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